Skin Cancer Surgery

We are a comprehensive surgical facility offering patients state-of-the-art surgical treatments for skin cancer.

Dr. Christine S. Rausch, board-certified dermatologist, is a specialist in skin cancer, Mohs micrographic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Patti Aldredge, our Nurse Practitioner, specializes in the treatment of skin cancers and brings a wealth of experience in the field of oncology. Our physician and staff are committed to providing the most advanced skin cancer treatments available in a comfortable and safe surgical environment.

Breast Reconstruction
Mohs Surgery

A highly effective technique, whereby skin cancers are removed under complete microscopic control.

Skin Cancer
Slow Mohs Surgery

Staged surgical excision to precisely remove skin cancer and save as much healthy skin as possible.

Melanoma Surgery
Excision Surgery

Removal of diseased tissue and a margin of normal skin to include any microscopic extension of the tumor.

Skin Lesion Surgery
Other Treatments

A list of treatment options for lower risk cancers, many with a cure rate of about 90% or lower.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery
Skin Cancer Facts

Skin cancer stats, tips on prevention and early detection, important videos and web resources.

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