Our Staff

We take great pride in our staff's training and professional capabilities.

Our team consists of the physician, physician extender, mohs technician, patient care coordinator, medical assistant, licensed and registered nurses and a board certified dermatology surgical fellow and dermatology resident.

The physician extender has attended a graduate level accredited nurse practitioner program, passed a national certificate examination, is state licensed and regulated by the board of medicine. Physician extenders are able to practice medicine in a wide variety of settings, including the ability to diagnose and treat skin cancers, perform skin cancer screenings, excisions and biopsies, to name a few. The physician extender, dermatology resident or dermatology fellow will have an integral role during the day of your surgery, from the initial exam and consultation to the reconstruction with physician supervision.

Educational Training

The Skin Surgery Center of Virginia is honored to partner with VCU Medical Center for fellowship training to board certified dermatologists in Mohs Surgery and reconstructive surgery. The fellowship program in Mohs surgery and Procedural Dermatology is approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) of the America Medical Association.

A list of our prior fellows and where they are currently practicing:

The Skin Surgery Center of Virginia is also honored to participate in the training of residents from VCU Department of Dermatology. We have had many residents rotate through our center, gaining exposure to surgery, some of which have established their practice in Richmond. Here is a list of prior residents that practice in the Richmond area:

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