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Sun Safe Spring Break



Sun Safe Spring Break

Are you dreaming of spring break? You are not alone!

It’s a magical time of year where parents get to leave the cubicle and pile of work to-do’s behind and students get to abandon the books and homework in exchange for some quality time with family and friends. And what better way to spend this time together than soaking up the sun and taking advantage of the warmer sunnier days approaching?

Before heading out to your desired location—beach, campsite, mountaintop, backyard—there is one thing parents and spring breakers need to keep in mind: protecting your skin from the sun is paramount to your fun and your skin health! Without proper sun protection, your week-long getaway can turn into a week of pain and skin damage that can last longer than you might think.


Understanding Gynecomastia



Understanding Gynecomastia

The word gynecomastia literally means "woman's breast," which is fine if you're a woman but less than ideal if you're a man.

It turns out that gynecomastia, the swelling of breast tissue in boys or men due to an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone, is a common complaint among American men, with an estimated 40% of the male population dealing with some degree of the condition. Generally, it starts during puberty and usually persists to some degree or another through adulthood. Although, in some cases it does go away by adulthood.

For some men, it can cause significant anxiety in social situations. Opting to not change in the locker room, skipping a chance to swim or relax on the beach shirtless, or wearing two to three shirts to make the gynecomastia less pronounced are all common ways to deal with the discomfort.

The good news is men dealing with gynecomastia no longer have to live with it. Surgery is a safe and effective option for restoring a firmer and more masculine appearance to the chest. A complimentary consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Tyler Stall, can help decide if surgery is the right option.


Skin Surgery Center of Virginia adds new physician and office location to meet growing patient demand



Press Release - Dr. Kostopoulos

Skin Surgery Center of Virginia adds new physician and office location to meet growing patient demand

Henrico, VA | September 18, 2018

Christine Rausch, MD, FAAD, founder and Medical Director of the Skin Surgery Center of Virginia located in Henrico, Virginia, is pleased to welcome Tassia Kostopoulos, MD, board certified dermatologist and Mohs micrographic surgeon to the practice.

“We are excited to welcome Dr. Kostopoulos to the team and expand our practice to include a new location in Midlothian/Chesterfield area, where general dermatology needs are currently underserved. With the growth in the area, having a dermatologist for patients who seek timely access to dermatology care will be a definite plus for community members of all ages,” said Dr. Rausch. “Dr. Kostopoulos trained under me for two years, and I learned we share similar values where integrity, empathy and exceptional quality of care are extremely important to both of us.”


Is a breast reduction right for you?


AUG/ 2018

Is a breast reduction right for you?

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. In 2017, plastic surgeons reported performing more than 43,000 cosmetic breast reduction surgeries, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics report.

Women of all ages opt to have the procedure. For many, it's about relieving the constant back pain and the slouching to compensate for the extra weight, in addition to the difficulty finding clothes or bras that fit, dealing with indents in the skin and painful rashes, as well as difficulty exercising or staying active. For some women, even after losing weight, their breasts remain stubbornly large, making surgery the only option.

New physician, new services, new location — coming this fall!


JuL / 2018

New physician, new services, new location — coming October 1st!

We're so excited!

On October 1, 2018, Dr. Tassia Kostopoulos will begin offering dermatology services to patients of all ages at our new satellite office located at 6100 Harbourside Centre Loop in Midlothian, Virginia. She will also offer skin cancer care and treatments, including Mohs micrographic surgery to patients at our main office in Henrico, VA.

Why Today is the Best Day to Schedule a Skin Screening


Jun / 2018

Why Today is the Best Day to Schedule a Skin Screening

For starters, a skin screening could save your life!

Summer is upon us. The season is full of hours outside gardening, grilling, swimming, relaxing and hitting the beach to kick it up in the sand and surf. You may love the time outside and adore the sun, but your skin does not, at least not as much as you do. Natural Vitamin D is a good thing, in healthy doses, to keep our bones strong, but too much exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can wreak havoc on the body's largest organ, including -- freckles, sunspots, wrinkles, premature aging and skin cancer.

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